• I am because you are

    I am a South African (by birth, raised in Paarl) married to a loving Brit (Katie Chalcraft), living in Spain (for now, not the married part, the living part).


    I have been blessed massively by people supporting me along my way. I like paying it forward with my time - I dedicate 100 hours each year to:

    1. An entrepreneur (from South Africa) who needs a sounding board/someone to listen to/someone to talk at to make sense of business
    2. An organisation that does animal conservation, any kind of animal, any kind of work.
    If you need some help, email me.


    I am fascinated by the evolution of things and how we got to the now | world affairs | business for good | raw talent | fun!


    I love dogs. Some may say I have a mild-to-severe obsession with them. They teach me how to love and, generally, how to be a better human being.


    Stuart Minnaar




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