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    Entrepreneurialism: a way of being that creates value

    I am an entrepreneur. I love the challenge of it, the uncertainty it holds, the golden lessons from failure and its ability to create value. It is what I know to be true. I have cut my teeth in various projects/initiatives/companies and learnt to appreciate the value that entrepreneurial thinking brings. Below are some of the companies/initiatives I have started.

    Consulting and coaching

    After spending so much time either being an entrepreneur, working with or being surrounded by entrepreneurs, I started to understand the under-rated value of support. It was only the absence of support as a founder of a little startup, did I start to appreciate its value. I have constructive conversations with founders, we map out the big picture and (almost magically) the problem in their business becomes glaringly obvious. Well, it does to me but not always to them. It takes external eyes to see the issues within a business that the founder cant see because of working in the business (and not on the business) and because of confirmation bias.

    We don't know what we don't know until we do.

    Fundie Ventures

    Fundie is one of the first student-run impact funds in Europe. It grows early-stage startups through double bottom-line investments. I co-founded it whilst doing an MBA at IE Business School in Madrid. There is a team of 25+ masters students who source, screen and analyse deals on a monthly basis. Its aim is to find next-generation businesses and close the €50k–€150k funding gap, also known as the missing middle.


    By developing the impact investment asset class, social enterprises can increase their role in addressing the world's biggest social and environmental challenges.


    I believe that businesses with a double bottom line will outrun their competition in the future.

    Yappo Mobile Payments

    Mobile Payments App for Students


    In 2015, Yappo was developed as a payments app for South African students to use their phone as a wallet. At that stage, mobile payments in South Africa was in its infancy and a highly regulated space. By using a technology owned by wiGroup, Yappo integrates 75% of the major retail Point-of-Sale software systems in South Africa (real-time transaction).


    Key milestones:


    Online Classifieds for Students


    Studentology is an online marketing agency that connects businesses and brands to the South African student market. It started out as a classifieds listing for students providing content for their personal, social and academic needs. With the change in market it moved into student spending, more specifically, analysing the student as a consumer.




    European Network of African Business Clubs


    During my MBA, I served as the president of the Africa Club at IE Business School. I noticed a disconnect between the various Africa Clubs of the European business schools, despite the acute similarities in each club's activities and ethos.


    With the help of Romain Assuncao, president of London Business School's Africa Club 2016, we created the ENABC with 12 representing European business schools to share resources and grow the network of African B-school graduates in Europe. ENABC currently has 400+ members.

    South African Chamber of Commerce in Spain

    Increasing Commerce Between Spain and SA


    Since moving to Madrid, I have been exploring connections between Spain and South Africa. Together with a few other South Africans living in Madrid, we partnered with the South African Embassy in Spain and worked together with Ambassador Lulama Smuts Ngonyama to create the South African - Spain Chamber of Commerce in June 2016. I currently serve as a board member.

    Project Skills

    Rotary International Project


    I was fortunate to be a recipient of a Rotary International Scholarship to complete my MBA. As a Rotary Scholar, I committed to setup a social and economic development project in Cape Town, South Africa.


    South Africa has a high number of under-educated, under-skilled and unemployable people. Project Skills focuses on upskilling people living in under-resourced areas and connecting them with employment opportunities. For the pilot, Project Skills partnered with PEDI, which is the economic development initiative in Philippi.


    Project Skills trains informal farmers in Philippi in three categories:

    • Emerging: increasing the number of emerging commercial farmers
    • Bridging: 18–24 month programme in agriculture school 
    • Subsistence: creating co-ops and connecting farmers to the commercial market.

    Induzi Toys

    My wife, one of her best friends and I started Induzi Toys - ethical soft toys handmade with love in Spain. We use a fabric called shweshwe, which is indigenous to South Africa and made from 100% and plant dye. The stuffing is organic wool from the north of Spain and the actual product is done by a lovely lady called Sheila from Barbados.


    We have selected animals on the endangered list and we donate 5% of sales to sanctuaries dedicated to protecting these species. Our hope is that if the next generation has a relationship with these animals, and if parents are made aware of the fact that these species are endangered, we will all be more conscious about making efforts towards conserving these beautiful creatures.

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