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    IE Business School

    International MBA


    In July 2017 I completed an international MBA at IE Business School in Madrid, Spain. I crowd-funded €5,000 and received a Rotary International Scholarship to cover my costs. Doing an MBA as an entrepreneur allowed me to:

    • appreciate how vital a skill entrepreneurial thinking is in business
    • understand the value of soft skills and emotional intelligence
    • process a lot, quickly and constantly
    • explore impact investment as a career
    • build a strong global network.
    Positions: president of the Africa Club, board member of IE Net Impact, co-founder of European Network of African Clubs, co-founder of Fundie Impact Fund.

    UCT Graduate School of Business

    Associate in Management


    In 2012 I completed the Associate in Management post-graduate diploma at the University of Cape Town's Graduate School of Business. This was a pre-MBA preparation and an opportunity to integrate business theory into a tech startup (Yappo) in real-time and build startup vocabulary.


    Positions: 5 class distinctions, class representative.


    Blog post

    Engineering - Geomatics

    Geospatial Engineering & Technology


    As an 18-year-old with an over-zealous sponge brain, I combined a BSc. Geomatics from University of Cape Town with a National Diploma in Land Surveying from Cape Peninsular University of Technology.


    These courses built my appreciation for structure, symmetry, data analysis and the ability to problem solve.


    Part-Time Lecturer


    TSiBA is, without a doubt, one of my happy places in Cape Town. It is a not-for-profit business school focusing on leadership and entrepreneurship. It is a home for many, a place that focuses on giving access to opportunities for people whose lives are influenced by their social circumstances and not their freedom of choice.


    Some stats on South Africa's education system:

    • Every year about 1 million pupils start school; there are 30,000 schools (5,000 made of mud)
    • The country’s top 5% Grade 6 learners perform better on basic Mathematics tests than 20% of the country’s teachers
    • Around 45–50% drop out for various reasons
    • There are 26 public universities
    • There is a 20–25% graduation rate
    • South Africa spends 6.4% of its GDP on education
    • Its education system is ranked 75th out of 76 countries.
    At TSiBA I lectured Economics, Maths, Economics and Entrepreneurship to 1st year students. This is where hope lives.
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