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  • Consulting / coaching

    Constructive Conversations


    Understanding the context

    I like to get an understanding of the context, what is and is not working and where the possible blocks/issues are. During this conversation, I decide whether I would like to work with the client. I prefer working with founders who feel stuck and can't seem to move or grow.


    This is a free 30 min conversation.


    The Deep-dive

    The first 2-hour session always involves a whiteboard, this either happens in person or via a video call. Whiteboards allow me to see the bigger picture objectively and understand how the smaller details affect the business model. This session involves the following:

    • I ask questions to map out the business, the plan and possible problems
    • We discuss the 'hard' business elements (KPI's, targets, revenue models, market, strategies) and the 'softer' elements (how the clients wants to feel, what is the dream/vision, personal issues, blocks and complexes)
    • We co-create a measurement tool to assess progress
    • We create concrete actions and a timeline with the client making commitments to action a plan.
    This 2-hour session is €350

    Follow through

    I check-in with the client after a pre-determined time to assess the progress/learning/obstacles. If there is a needs for another 45min conversation, this is done at no charge. I make myself available on email/calls for a quick chat as and when is needed.

  • What others have said

    'I first met Stuart 3 years ago when he has just arrived in Madrid. After a short time it became apparent to me that Stuart was very resourceful and insightful and it could help me to achieve my business goals. I asked him to be my business coach and he helped me tremendously. Stuart has always a "this is possible" attitude, finding the ways in which something can be done effortlessly. He listened to me attentively, discovered my strong points and then he used those to help me pivot to success. He is one of the key people I call when I am blocked in reaching my goals. He always gives me a clearer picture of what is going on than what I had before. He helps me see my blind spots. Even when he is more than 15 years younger than me, he is a mentor to me. His knowledge of entrepreneurship is quite vast as he started creating companies since early age. I think he is an entrepreneur at heart and if he is in a corporate environment, he will be a corpo-preneur. We have that in common. And on top of that, Stuart is a fun person to be around. I will totally recommend Stuart for any project that requires market expansion, strategy or simply a clearer picture of what it is possible. And then, he will help to make it happen too.'

    Marinma, Madrid

    "Stuart was very helpful in developing an early fundraising strategy and had some great ideas on how to draw attention from potential investors. Furthermore he analysed our financials thoroughly and showed great knowhow on optimising KPIs."

    Lukas, Amsterdam

    Stuart has an excellent entrepreneurial spirit. Within one meeting, he would challenge my start-up ideas, ask the right questions to get things kicking and provide elegant solutions. A few hours with him are enough to set the action plan for the coming months. He always challenges the status-quo and most importantly is truly inspirational. He also was an amazing life coach since the first day I met him, giving me valuable advice in difficult situations. As a startup founder, I believe that arranging a meeting with Stuart would be one the best decisions you are going to make.

    Kinan, London

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