• Stuart Minnaar


  • What makes me tick?

    When the why is known, the how becomes clear.

    I am one of the 7 billion. I want my legacy to be at least one small positive contribution for future generations so that my children and grandchildren can live happily and healthily in a more sustainable world.


    We live in a world of abundance: technology, resources and expertise have never been so accessible to so many. I believe that business is the best vehicle for a society to prosper, but the pursuit of profit is at the expense of people and/or the planet. Business has a vital role to play in addressing the world's greatest social and environmental challenges. Those businesses that focus on a double bottom line (financial and social performance) will outrun their competition in the future.


    My focus is on active engagement with responsible capitalism: HOW a business generates revenue is more important than THAT it makes money. For this, there needs to be a shift in the way we do business, one in which we are aware of the unintended consequences of our actions. I enjoy growing next-generation companies with sustainability at the core of their business model, which value profit and social impact with equal importance.


    What is the bigger picture? 


    I love animals, mainly furry mammals. I struggle to accept that the scale of our consumption and taste for comfortable living has wiped out species and destroyed their ecosystems and that this still continues. My plan is to apply what I am learning about how to use business for good and, through this, create environments (sanctuaries, conservations or parks) to increase the population of mammals which are on the endangered list.


    The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated - Mahatma Gandhi

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